Move with me to improve your functional range of motion


Complete online courseS

I am currently working very hard to create multiple online courses. I am looking forward to helping you improve your mobility, increase your functional range of motion and master the skills you always thought were impossible.


It is my passion to share my knowledge and experience on movement and mobility training. Check out one of the articles I wrote or my YouTube channel to learn more about movement. 

Why mobility is important?

Mobility is the ability to use the right amount of movement, in the right (series of) joints, 
in the right position, in the right direction, with the right timing and necessary strength & control. 

Coaching elite and non-elite athletes I noticed that everybody can use help and guidance in the training and programming of mobility. Everybody should commit at least a small part of their training to mobility and movement to create efficient movement patterns and a healthy body free of injury. I made it my professional mission and personal goal to help athletes all over the world to move better and to share my knowledge and experience on mobility training.   

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